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Panasonic Rice Cookers – Best value for Money

Panasonic Rice CookersPanasonic Rice Cookers are some of the popular as well as trusted electronic appliances. Bearing the seal of quality promise, the rice cookers from Panasonic are well suited for almost all family sizes and are friendly to all the budgets. Cookers have been designed in such a manner that minimum counter space is occupied and counter remains clutter-free. The easy to use menu, cooking cycles, texture settings and keep-warm feature can be used by almost all the people without getting confused. Apart from the normal cookers, there are fuzzy logic cookers which are one of the most advanced cookers in the market are also manufactured by Panasonic. The main advantage of buying the Panasonic Rice Cookers is that they are very aptly priced.

Price vs Range:

The Panasonic Rice Cookers can be bought from around $30 onwards. There are around 30 models of various capacities available in the market and each one of them has different features. The cheap cookers are the basic ones that come with the basic accessories such as cooking pan, spatulas, steamer trays, measuring cup etc. Some models come without the steamer trays which can be bought as the additional accessory along with the cooker.

The fuzzy logic cooker comes in the price range of $200 which is cheaper as compared to the other brands. All the cookers have been priced very fairly. The quality and the competitive prices make the Panasonic Rice Cookers as one of the most used and preferred brand.


Some rice cookers come with the additional cooking pan which means that if you have to cook for a large party than usual, then you can use both of them to cook rice. Similarly, you can use one of the cooking pans to cook one kind of rice and the other one to cook soup, stew or some other rice dish. This gives you the ability to cook more than one thing in the same cooker without having to empty the cooking pan. If the food gets cold, you can use the keep-warm feature or the reheat cycle in the Panasonic Rice Cooker without any worries.

A double decker steamer tray is also available which can be used to make momos, steam veggies, soya chunks, meat etc. Apart from that, there are idli plates, dish separator pans, and steaming basket too.

Why Panasonic?

Panasonic has established its name as one of the leading electronic appliance manufacturer in the world and has earned repute with its flawless products. The customer support is good. You are able to find the parts, accessories and products themselves at almost all the stores.

Panasonic Rice Cookers come with very easy menu and even novices will be able to operate it very easily. Hence, they are the best rice cookers one can buy in the market at such exciting and competitive rates. If you are going to buy a rice cooker, it is very important to go through best rice cooker reviews as otherwise you will lose your money for a bad product.

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